Tanqua Pools

Making Your Dreams An Affordable Reality

Tanqua is a new breed of swimming pool. Making your dreams an affordable reality we design and manufacture swimming pools by using brand new shipping containers. We are based in Huddersfield in the UK with a purpose-built factory which is home to our show models and our pool lounge meeting room where all our clients are invited to come and discuss their pool needs to establish there bespoke made Tanqua pool. We are not like most manufacturing companies who want to make volumes of there products. In fact, we only manufacture 12 Tanqua pools per year. By doing this we maintain high quality of build for each bespoke pool.

All our pools are bespoke designed and manufactured specific to each client’s requirements. Imagineering is a term famously used by Walt Disney to create his vision. The word Imagineering is a portmanteau combining the words "imagination" and "engineering". Imagineering is the implementation of creative ideas in practical form. At Tanqua pools our vision is to create this with our clients. Our pools are available in two sizes 20ft and 40ft. The pools can be installed above ground or below ground with options for internal or external plantrooms. Due to the versatility of our pools virtually anything is achievable with some Imagineering. Nowadays everybody likes to be different and owning a Tanqua pool is certainly one way of achieving this status. Our capacity is to only make 12 pools a year. The reason for this is so we maintain a very high quality of build.