Reel Systems

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  • £370.80

    – High quality stainless steel end supports
    – Sturdy telescopic aluminium tubing
    – Easy turn crank handle
    – Slide-lock locking system on all models
    – Adjustable cover to roller kit with all models
    – Suitable for bubble covers from 2.6m to 6.1m wide

  • £604.80 (£504.00 Ex. VAT)

    – Strong die cast aluminium construction
    – Super tough baked enamel finishto end supports
    – Easy to assemble, install and use
    – Complete with cover to roller straps, castors and anchoring system
    – Light weight (6kg in total) yet extremely strong
    – UV and temperature resistant
    – Suitable for covers up to 45′ x 20′

  • The domestic Slidelock telescopic reel system is widely considered to be the best domestic reel on the market, thanks to its ease of installation and great strength.

  • £2,265.60 (£1,888.00 Ex. VAT)

    – Photovoltaic panel topping up 5.7amp battery
    – No mains power or wiring required
    – Easy to install and operate
    – 12v in-tube motor with adjustable start/stop limits
    – Telescopic anodised aluminium 105mm/110mm diameter tube
    – Suitable for solar covers up to 6m x 12m
    – Supplied with cover to roller cords