seko PAC Skid-A

Flocculant Dosing The Kronos 50

Quick Overview

The benefits of Flocculant dosing are quite often under valued. Although nothing can compensate for an ineffective filtration system, Consistent accurate dosing of a Flocculant can greatly diminish the possibility of outbreaks of Crypto Sporidium, which can be extremely unpleasant and costly. Adding a Flocculant will also remove tiny particles from the water greatly improving it’s appearance. “Water polishing ” as it is sometimes called. Seko have produced a range of Dosing options to suit all applications and budgets.


Product Description

The Kronos 50 Dosing skid represents the ultimate in Flocullant dosing technology.
It’s powerful stepper motor ensures maximum durability and accuracy,capable of continuous duty.
The Kronos also has useful features such as tube split sensor,low level chemical sensor, alarm output. As
well as several methods of control, including manual speed adjustment,4-20ma control as well as batch
and cyclic dosing.

Complete with a durable PVC skid and complete installation kit, the Kronos dosing skid is the perfect
solution for Commercial and high end applications
Fully Programmable Digital Display
Manual, Cyclic or 4-20Ma control
2l/h @ 3bar 0.1-100% 2ml-2000ml/h Seko Extra
Squeeze Tube 3bar,35dB,100

All Seko dosing systems come complete with
PVC Dosing skid suitable for up to 25L containers
450mm Low level alarm and suction device.
PVDF Chemical injector 3/8 or 1/2″ male thread
30m of 4×6 PVC