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TEKNA EVO TCK 803 Digital Timed Solenoid Dosing Pump EPDM Seal

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Part code: TCK803NHH1000

Digital solenoid chemical dosing pump with multi programmable real time delivery options. Constant mode for priming. Statistics menu, flow sensor, level control inputs & alarm output relay. Password protection.


Product Description

Seko Tekna EVO TCK  Series  is a digital dosing pump with: 

Constant flow rate 

Timed dosing with a weekly  programmable timer 

Programmable timed relay by activating a dry contact

The power supply is 100÷240 Vac – 50/60 Hz therefore the same pump can operate with different supply voltages. The standard pump head is in PVDF, therefore provides high chemical compatibility with numerous chemicals The pump is furnished with a complete standard installation kit, which includes: PVDF foot filter and injection valve, PVC suction tube, PE delivery tube.