Aster Deep Bed Filter 900 2&1/2″ Outlet

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Quick Overview

900mm Diameter
Outlet 2 1/2″ side connection
Flow 31 m3/h
Sand 580kg
Gravel 135kg
Multiport valve not included


Product Description

The filters are manufactured with polyester resin and fibreglass.
. The highness filtering layer is of 0,8m, That gives a mayor quality of filtration than the residential filter this increases the capacity withholding the litle particles.
. Prolongs the time saturation filtration of the layers saving energy consumption, water consumption and chemical products.
. The filter can be used as a single layer or multi layer combine sand with gravel, glass or antracite.
. Fast opening lid.
. Sand drain of 2 1/2″ in the bottom part of thefilter.
. Optional sand drain d.200mm.
. Maximum pressure 2,5Bar.
. Optional interior finishing with vinylester for ozone treatment.
. Maximum temperature of 40º.


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