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Product Description

• Prefilter designed for both new and existing installations
• Reduce water consumption of any kind of filters.
• Reduce washing frequency of any kind of filter.
• Compact and flexible installation.

Recommended for flow rates from3 to16,5 m3/h,
• Maximum working Pressure: 2,5 bar.
• 2 1/4” threaded input and output connections
• ¾” AISI 316 debris release valve
• Wall / floor bracket included.

Watersavings. 50% of water savings when combined with sand filters.
• Comfort. Lengthen the time between consecutive sand filter backwashes.
• Spacesaving. The smaller and most versatile hydrocyclone for pools in the market
• Installation flexibility. It can be installed on the floor or wall, and input / output can be oriented to suit any situation and space.
• Sturdiness. No moving parts to break or wear out with use.



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