Champion Spa Sparkle 1-2 Litres


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Champion Spa Sparkle 1-2 Litres

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Champion Spa Sparkle 1-2 Litres

Champion Spa Sparkle is an organic polymer polisher and clarifier for treating spa water.
It collects small particles, the cause of spa water cloudiness, and forms them into larger ones. These larger particles are then removed by your filtration system.

Dose Rate: Add 25mls of Champion Spa Sparkle per 450 litres of water
(pre-dilute into at least 10 litres of water).
Add to the spa water with the filtration system running and keep it running for at least 1 hour. Increase the frequency of this dose if your spa is used regularly. This product can be used daily and as a problem solver for a cloudy spa.

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1 Litre, 2 Litre


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