Lumiplus Par 56 2.0 RGB S/S

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RGB light, S/S faceplate , 48W 2544 LM

Niche supplied separately
It is recommended to install a 2.0 light every 25m2 of water surface

Product Description

Three times more light for pools
The new range of LED lighting in the growing range of LumiPlus products. The LumiPlus 2.0 floodlights offer greater light intensities and improved energy efficiency than their predecessors. Their enhanced luminous flux and optical efficiency will bring out the best of any facility. The new range of LumiPlus 2.0 floodlights is available in the following versions: LumiPlus PAR 56, the standard floodlight, the NF floodlight and the LumiPlus flat floodlight. They are available in monochrome and multicolour options (RGB and DMX), with a choice of white or stainless steel ABS faceplates. The LumiPlus 2.0 range of LED floodlighting complies with the energy efficiency standards set out in the new EU directives on ecological designs applicable to products that run on energy and that will become compulsory over the next few years.
· A 260% increase in luminosity on conventional white light applications and over a 125% increase in the LumiPlus RGB and DMX range.
· Improved energy efficiency in comparison with the LumiPlus 1.0 range.
· In comparison with the traditional 300 W PAR56 lamp, the new LumiPlus 2.0 range has a useful lifetime of over 100 times longer and consumes four times less energy.


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