Champion Spa Oxidiser 1kg

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Champion Spa Oxidiser 1kg

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Champion Non Chlorine Shock is a non-chlorine based sanitiser used to
disinfect pool and spa water.

Dose Rates:
For Spas as an initial dose, with the filter pump running, sprinkle 200g of
Champion Non Chlorine Shock on the water surface. Every 2 –3 days, add 75-
100g to the water surface. Current guides suggest domestic spas should be
drained and cleaned every 3 months. For Pools initial/shock dose with 700gms
per 45 cu meters and add 350gms every 3days. Use a test kit to maintain a
level of 3ppm/mgl

Important Note
It is very important that there are no bathers present in the pool or spa when
dosing chemicals.


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