25kg Water Hardener (Calcium Chloride)

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25kg Water Hardener (Calcium Chloride)


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Champion Calcium Hardness Increaser is the perfect choice when it comes to raising your calcium hardness levels. If your calcium levels are too low this will mean that your pool water will be calcium hungry and try to take its calcium from grout and other cement material’s ruining your pool. Ideally for tiled pools you want to maintain your levels between 250 mg/l (ppm) and 1,000 mg/l, but don’t let this get too high or you will find that scale will build up. This is our favourite brand due to its high quality and lower price, you can be sure that by choosing Champion you have made a good choice.


1. Before applying the product it should be pre-dissolved in a clean plastic container at a maximum rate of 100g of products to 10ltrs of cold fresh water. Stir well to ensure the product is fully dissolved. Repeat application to achieve the total dose required. It is recommended that the total treatment is split into three equal applications with a minimum of 8 hours between them.

2. After pre-dissolving add the resulting solution into the pool near the inlets with the filtration system in operation.

3. Following the application the pool water may become cloudy so keep the filtration pump running continuously until it clears.

4. After treatment check the pH level and if necessary adjust.


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