Roldeck Easy Cover Solar Powered Pool Cover

Quick Overview

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Low-cost Roldeck surface-mounted system without housing driven by solar energy.

Product Description

The Starline Roldeck surface-mounted system is equipped with a solar panel for solar energy drive. Cables for power supply are not required due to the independent solar energy source. This ensures that the Roldeck EasyCover can be easily and quickly installed in both existing and new swimming pools. Watertight tip keys on the support operate the memory application of the cover so that the EasyCover always runs exactly up to the correct end point with one press of a button. A key switch has been integrated on the side of the support for additional safety. The Roldeck EasyCover has a large battery capacity of 20 x its programme (capacity based on a slated deck with dimensions of 5 x 10 metres) but, should the battery be flat unexpectedly, a connection to a battery charger is also available (supplied as an option).


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