Hydrus EC 1000 – 12000

Quick Overview

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The Hydrus is especially conceived to meet the markedly opposing environmental control demands of a multi-use pool room when in different modes of use.

The Hydrus has the capability to tackle the strenuous demands of a high temperature and moisture laden swimming pool room environment, whilst maintaining excellent energy efficiency, and also features in-built facilities necessary to accommodate an entirely different environment requirement for the room, suitable for functions, parties and many other uses.


Product Description

Dual function dehumidifying and expelled room air heat pump
Room air cooling via refrigeration or ‘free’ fresh air introduction
High rate fresh air dilution
‘Blue-EC’ ultra efficient digital inverter fan system
‘Auto fan’ intelligent air recirculation fan management
Active heat recycling into room air and pool water via dehumidifier
Room air and pool water integral support heating provision
Central ventilation with room air recirculation
Fully compliant with ‘Eco-Design’ Directive (ERP) 2015
Central-ventilation with room air recirculation