Stainless Steel longitudinal grating and S.S. 90° corner


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Longitudinal overflow grating, made in Stainless Steel. It is necessary to construct the channel 5mm wider that the grille itself, to allow for easy adaptation.
It is made up of straight sections de AISI-304 Stainless Steel, 500 mm in length. Straight sections can be made-to-measure in order to fit the length of the swimming pool.
The 90º corner is made in Stainless Steel and is the perfect complement to the Stainless Steel longitudinal grating. Metal with non-slip surface. 4 models with different measurements according to the width of grat-ing used.

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Stainless steel tile 195mm, Stainless steel tile 245mm, Stainless steel tile 295mm, Stainless steel tile 345mm, Height 22mm, width channel 195mm, Height 22mm, width channel 245mm, Height 22mm, width channel 295mm, Height 22mm, width channel 335mm, Height 35mm, width channel 195mm, Height 35mm, width channel 245mm, Height 35mm, width channel 295mm, Height 35mm, width channel 335mm


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