Pooltest 9 Photometer

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Pooltest 9 Bluetooth Standard Kit
Pooltest 9 Bluetooth photometer and light cap, eight cuvettes, dilution tube, 10ml syringe, cuvette brush, crush/stirring rods, USB lead, instruction manual. Supplied in a hard case with AL 300 reagent pack including DPD 1, DPD 3, DPD 4, pH Phenol Red, Alkaphot, Cyanuric Acid, Coppercol, Calcicol, Iron.


Product Description

The Pooltest 9 allows for the analysis of the nine most important water quality tests associated with the management of swimming pools and spas. The instrument can be supplied in a choice of portable or benchtop kits making it convenient for a variety of facilities:
Single-key direct access to all parameters
Battery or mains powered and completely waterproof
On-board data log, downloadable via Bluetooth SMART or USB and share with colleagues and customers via the Aqua Pal app.


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