Standard Pool Comparator Test Kit

Quick Overview

Chlorine, alkalinity, pH Kit (SP117)
Bromine, alkalinity, pH kit (SP118)

Simple-to-use tablet methods coupled with unique ‘petal’ discs for easy colour differentiation
Built-in light diffuser for strong light conditions or optional light box for low light conditions
Complete kits containing all reagents and components required for testing.


Product Description

Balanced Water and Chlorine/pH
Standard Comparator, Chlorine disk (0 – 5 mg/l Cl2), pH Phenol Red (6.8 – 8.4), 4 comparator cuvettes, cuvette brush, crush/stirring rod, sample container (2 off), 100 reagents for Free and Total Chlorine, 100 reagents for pH Phenol Red, tablet count reagents for Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness


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