Palintest Phoenel Red Photometer

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Test Procedure
1 Fill test tube with sample to the 10 ml mark.
2 Add one Phenol Red tablet, crush and mix to dissolve.
3 Select Phot 27 on Photometer.
PM 130, AP 130 AUTO
4 Take Photometer reading in usual manner (see Photometer instructions).
1 The colour range of the phenol red test is yellow, through orange, to red.
The formation of an intense purple coloration shows that the indicator has
been affected by high chlorine or other disinfectant residuals. In such
cases the result should be disregarded.
2 Phenol red does not show any further colour change at pH values below
6.8 or above 8.4. Note therefore that when such values are recorded this
could indicate that the sample has a much lower or much higher pH value.
3 Ionic strength, temperature and other water factors may have an effect on
pH readings. This test has been calibrated for conditions most likely to be
encountered in a typical swimming pool at 30°C.


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