Refurbishment Innovations

Refurbishment Innovations - The Defender Filter

Our services offer complete refurbishment to your swimming Pool. Being market leaders in the fore front of design and technology in the Swimming Pool Industry we use the most innovative cost effective products Components such new wave filters and analysers, ultraviolet systems, pumps, valves, LED pool lights.
The emergence of Defender filters is one of the most recent advances in the industry and is ideal for refurbishments. There are many benefits to using Defender filters, firstly reduction in plant room sizes, also smaller balance tanks required, better water quality enabled, and something key to our clients – annual water and energy saving.

Energy effeciant Pumps

The Pumps we use are equipped with ultramodern technology and electrics. Allowing them to regulate their power output according to the system demands and needs. This not only ensures convenience for the user but also saves a great deal of energy in the long run. That's why we use only the best available pumps on the market today.

Advanced Chemical Analisers

Water analysers are one of the most important items of swimming pool water quality monitoring devices. With advancements in cutting edge technology we choose only to use the current market leading analysers. From cost effective self cleaning probe heads with prolonged extended life usage that help maximise running times, with analyser remote access from a computer or handheld device.