Pool Hall Inspiration

Pool Hall Inspiration

Pool Hall Inspiration

The pool hall is what sets the tone for your swim. Dark rooms are great for relaxation and luxury, whereas lighter rooms are brilliant for morning motivation. If you’re needing some inspiration- check out some designs below

1. Starry Ceilings- Make your pool hall feel magical with ceiling lights that look like stars.










2. Wall Patterns- A more modern take on pool hall design.










3. Dead End Pools- If you are pushed for space or not looking for a huge pool hall, this is a much simpler (yet effective) design.



4. Moveable Glass Doors- Make your pool hall bright and welcoming. These doors make your pool versatile-turning your indoor pool into an outdoor pool for the summer season.





5. TV- Incorporate a television into your pool hall for extra entertainment during your swim.









6. Grand Round Ceilings- Add a luxury feel to your pool hall with arches, columns and high ceilings.



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