Pool Design



Your personal style and dream ideas matter to us, and we work with you to come up with the best pool and spa designs for your living, leisure, and wellness space – indoor or outdoor, inground or above ground, private home or commercial venue, and for all seasons.

From rustic and traditional, to sleek and contemporary, your desire to create your own unique swimming pool with added standout features, is ours too. As a homeowner, you may ever only install one pool at your property. As a commercial venue owner, you are also considering a huge investment in a timeless quality pool. So, we collaborate with you to make the right choices on all aspects through working with our specialist design and construction teams. Our track record includes an actual Olympic pool, to gym spas, and everything in between – with full all-round wet leisure expertise and attention all the way through.

London 2012

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to dip your toes into pool ownership, the next steps are to arrange a face to face consultation. This allows us to get to know you and understand your wants and desires and for you to trust that you are in safe hands. We are happy to come and meet with you at your home or alternatively you are welcome to visit us in our pool lounge area of our offices in Huddersfield.

Together, we look at things like the style of building a pool needs to fit in with, whether you are wanting an indoor or outdoor pool, are you using it for exercise and training or purely for leisure? What else would you like around your pool as a feature, or for entertainment? How much maintenance is involved, and what are these options? Would you like to use a pool all year round? These are the types of questions we consider with you to focus on the best swimming pool solution to fit your requirements.




Collaborating with developers, architects and landscapers, drawings are produced in an AutoCAD format. In addition, a 3D design service is also available.

The design process allows you to see ideas come to life and understand how the installation will integrate into its environment. Drawings and plans also serve as useful records to be stored with property deeds that can be passed on if ever you sell your property.