Tanqua Pools

Making Your Dreams An Affordable Reality

Tanqua is a new breed of swimming pool. Making your dreams an affordable reality we design and manufacture swimming pools by using brand new shipping containers. We are based in Huddersfield in the UK with a purpose-built factory which is home to our show models and our pool lounge meeting room where all our clients are invited to come and discuss their pool needs to establish there bespoke made Tanqua pool. We are not like most manufacturing companies who want to make volumes of there products. In fact, we only manufacture 12 Tanqua pools per year. By doing this we maintain high quality of build for each bespoke pool.

All our pools are bespoke designed and manufactured specific to each client’s requirements. Imagineering is a term famously used by Walt Disney to create his vision. The word Imagineering is a portmanteau combining the words "imagination" and "engineering". Imagineering is the implementation of creative ideas in practical form. At Tanqua pools our vision is to create this with our clients. Our pools are available in two sizes 20ft and 40ft. The pools can be installed above ground or below ground with options for internal or external plantrooms. Due to the versatility of our pools virtually anything is achievable with some Imagineering. Nowadays everybody likes to be different and owning a Tanqua pool is certainly one way of achieving this status. Our capacity is to only make 12 pools a year. The reason for this is so we maintain a very high quality of build.

The Buying Experience

All pools are bespoke designed and manufactured to each client criteria which is established at a face to face consultation in our pool lounge located within our UK factory in Huddersfield. In the consultation you will have access to our show model and receive a tour of our factory so you can see the standard that our pools are manufactured too. You will be invited to look around the show model and experience a Tanqua pool in real life with demonstrations of how they work and all optional extras that can be added your pool build can be discussed to establish the perfect pool. Please note that viewings are strictly by appointment only.

The Finishes

Internally the pool finish is a PVC liming system which can be finished in almost any colour of choice. This system also allows us the capabilities to have mosaic tiled look or simply any colour scheme of choice to the walls and floors of the pool allowing us to customising each individual pool as per each client’s taste. All systems come with a 15 year pro-rata guarantee at pool temps of up to 90OF (32OC).

  • Fully certified materials - suitable for any installation.
  • High quality printing with a multiple lacquered protective surface - offering the highest stain, discolouration and abrasion resistance.
  • UV Stabilised - acceleration chamber tested.
  • 1.5mm or 1.6mm PVC with polyester internal mesh.
  • Anti-microbially equipped.
  • Tear resistant.
  • Installed with 50mm overlap seams - sealed with colour co-ordinated or translucent liquid PVC.
  • Geo-textile underlay.
  • Easily repairable if damaged.

Externally all steel work to the pool is sprayed in almost any colour of choice. The steps, landing and top perimeter is finished in a composite decking with a multiple choice of colour. Each pool also comes with a manufacturing stainless steel plaque situated on the back doors indicating the build number with date of manufacture. Each pool filtration finishes are:

  • White LED light
  • Vacuum point
  • Skimmer box for surface removal
  • Wall suction grills
  • Wall inlet grills
  • Stainless steel pool access ladder

The Filtration

Within the consultation we will establish what the pool is being used for. For instance, is it for domestic or commercial use? What will be the estimated bather load? This will then determine the filtration package that will to be installed to ensure excellent water quality. Each pool will benefit from

  • Sand filter
  • Circulation pump
  • Electric heat exchanger
  • Inline chemical feeder
  • Electrical control panel

 The Handover

Your pool will be delivered by our lorry direct to the site location. A crane will need to be hired in to carry out the lift from the wagon and in to position. On arrival a solid concrete base, a water supply and a 63amp electrical supply should be in place and ready to connect. Once the pool is in position and connected the pool will be filled with fresh water until full. Once full our engineers will set up, commission and instruct you how to use your pool. The pool will then be handed over to you and you can rest assured that we will always be around for technical support or callouts.

 Why we are different

  • Tanqua Pools are manufactured in the UK.
  • All pools are made from brand new shipping containers.
  • All pools are internally finished with a PVC lining system in any colour of choice for the pool walls and pool floor.
  • All pools are bespoke designed and manufactured when a specification has been established with each client after a 1-1 consultation in our pool lounge located in our purpose-built factory.
  • Show models are available for viewing by appointment and see for your own eyes the quality of a Tanqua pool.




Why Do I Need A Tanqua Pool - Read on to find out why

Private houses – Remember the summer of 2018? Don’t you wish you had an outdoor pool in your back garden? If the answer is yes, then a Tanqua pool is what you need. The benefits of having your own affordable home pool is endless. Think about when you go on holiday and you don’t see the kids for hours on end because they are to busy being water babies splashing around in the pool. And for adults what better way is there to keep fit than swimming. Up early in a morning and swimming in your own heated pool is a sure way to help you get set up for the day ahead. And then weekend comes around and you all have family time in the pool with laughter, wrinkled skin and sun burnt shoulders. Bring on the good times and the feel-good factor with a Tanqua pool. The hardest decision you will make is the size what size pool will fit in your garden 20ft or 40ft.

Swim Teachers – Are you fed up with renting pool space and sharing a pool with others whilst trying to teach children how to learn the important life skill of swimming? I’m sure you have also been victim to pool closures due to lack of maintenance through the pool owners and had to cancel lessons meaning loss of revenue. Are you using a municipal pool that is catered for everyone and not specifically for you and you customers? Are you fed up with children having blue lips because the pool is too cold? Well a Tanqua pool is a perfect affordable opportunity to own your own pool. Have the pool designed and manufactured to the size and depth you want. Set the pool water temperature to the temperature you want for comfortable bathing. The benefits to having your own pool is endless. We will help you customise a pool to exactly how you want it. Tanqua pools are plug and play so they are be very easily to relocated simply and effortlessly as you grow your business. So, these pools then become an asset that be relocated whenever necessary. Get control of your business by having your own pool and not relying on others who you pay a lot of money to for a pool that doesn’t serve you and your customers. For extra revenue you could even rent your pool out to other swim teachers and receive income while you are not teaching, now you have an investment that also pays you back over time for little or no work.

School Pools - Learning children how to swim is a very important life skill. Every child in the world should be able to have the facility to learn how to swim. At Tanqua pools it is our vision to manufacture pools for every child to have the opportunity to learn how to swim. This is our mission and also our legacy achieving this. In the UK we constantly see swimming pool closures in local areas making it harder for young children to learn how to swim. We are teaming up with Sport England to develop a Concept for pools in schools using Tanqua pools situated in pop up outbuildings. This will allow the ease of swimming lessons to each school. No more bus rides to the local swimming baths. This is an exciting project for us all and one we intend to roll out around the world. Does your school need a Tanqua pool? Due to the pool being plug and play it is easy to locate at any time simply and effortlessly. They can be located inside or outside. You could make swimming lessons more fun in the summer by moving the pool from indoor to outdoors through the warmer months of the year just to be different. Learning to swim should be fun and experience every child should remember.

Kids pools – Which kid doesn’t love splashing around in a pool? We buy our kids pretty much anything they want, well eventually anyway once we give in. We buy them swings, slides even big trampolines for the garden so why not A Tanqua pool? We can design and manufacture pools to any depth and have the temperature of the water set so they will never want to get out. Which is good news for you as a parent. Besides anything else it gets them outdoors having fun. With our internal epoxy membrane system, you can choose any colour for the finishes we can add names, logos and pretty anything you like to the walls and floors of the pool. We can really personalise each pool to suit individual tastes. Due to the plug and play nature of this pool they can be easily relocated at any point simply and effortlessly and if they outgrow the pool or get bored with it as kids do with most things, then you can simply just empty it, clean it and sell it on.

Holiday homes - Is there one thing missing from your holiday? A pool for instance. A Tanqua pool is perfect pool to compliment your holiday home and cheaper more cost-effective alternative to having a concrete pool built. – Remember the summer of 2018? Don’t you wish you had an outdoor pool? If the answer is yes then a Tanqua pool is what you need. There are many benefits to owning a Tanqua pool. With a plug and play system these pools can be relocated simply and effortlessly. So, for instance if you wanted locate the pool in a different area or you decide to move you can take the pool with you to your next holiday home. And out of season you can simply empty the pool, cover over and re fill again the following season again with minimum effort.

Temporary pools/pop up pools– Because of the versatility of a Tanqua pool they are a perfect solution for a temporary or pop up pool. With its plug and play system it’s very easy to relocate at any time. A Tanqua pool is ideal for festivals, summer parties, parks and even a replacement for pool whilst under refurbishment. We have located these pools in schools who enjoy the luxury of sharing it at different term times so 4 schools feel the benefit and enjoyment of having a pool on their premises for a throughout the year. Whatever the requirement we can make pools to suit any temporary location.

Hotels/Gyms- Everybody wants to be different so why not be different with a Tanqua pool. Our pools are an excellent alternative to concrete/tiled pools. Due to the versatility of them they can be located inside for the winter months and outside for summer. How’s that for being different. Most pools are designed to be municipal and don’t please every member or visitor. Some will say its too deep, its shallow, or its too cold or its to warm. You’ve heard the moans and groans. We can manufacture pools to meet any criteria. Due to the significant saving than a concrete pool you can have three for the price of one. For instance, you could have variant depth pools for different ages and also different temperatures. The benefits are endless if you put your mind to it. We are currently involved in a project which is three 40ft containers welded together to make a 120ft long pool. Now that’s being different.

Holiday Parks - Remember the summer of 2018? Business must have been very good and you’re your park very busy with people looking for things to do outdoors. Don’t you wish you had an outdoor pool or if you have one even more outdoor pool? If the answer is yes then a Tanqua pool is what you need. These versatile, plug and play pools are a perfect investment for your park. Due to the design the pools are very easy to re locate anytime simply and effortlessly. They are a cheaper alternative to a concrete pool and with some Imagineering you can create something special for an outdoor space for customers to come and enjoy. For instance, we are currently involved in a project which is three 40ft containers welded together to make a 120ft long pool. Now that’s Imagineering. Everyone want to be different and differentiate themselves to there competitors down the road. A Tanqua pool is certainly a great way of achieving that.

Pools for under developed country’s – Due to the design of our Tanqua pools the ease of shipping around the world is simple and achievable. Learning children how to swim is a very important life skill. Every child in the world should be able to have the facility to learn how to swim. At Tanqua pools it is our vision to manufacture pools for every child to have the opportunity to learn how to swim. Supplying under developed countries with easy portable pools allows us to be able to achieve or mission and legacy. In this day and age, we have to use technology to our advantage and this is plain to see in all our pools. We can produce healthy bathing conditions for all, to be able to learn the important life skill of swimming in one Tanqua pool unit with our simple plug and play system. Crystal clear water can be turned over in 3 hours through the filtration system constantly allowing for clean water for swimming. The cost truly out ways the benefits, enjoyment and fulfilment that these pools can have on people around the world who don’t have the facilities we can enjoy in our own countries.