Hot Tubs & Spas


It’s no wonder that our spas are considered by many to be the most comfortable spas available. Our spas are carefully constructed to provide years of carefree performance despite frequent, daily use. As a result, we supply one of the best spas in the industry with high-quality, efficient heaters, pumps and other components and durable, reinforced acrylic interior surfaces. We continue to innovate and improve our techniques, and design and search for energy-efficiency technologies.Great design is soothing. It’s the extras that heighten the experience, enhance the calming effects and make the ordinary seem exceptional. How do style considerations take shape and affect the overall experience? With details and options such as LED illumination, the sound of comforting waterfalls, and entertainment systems that allow you to create a customized ambiance.


A spa should be a full-body experience with therapeutic benefits available to all major muscle groups and areas where you’re most likely to store tension. In a Concept Pool Spa, you’ll find a variety of jets that soothe muscles and help you release tension. seats are carefully sculpted and configured to release pressure and keep you seated even when the jets are on. The best hot tubs are designed for style. Soaking in a Concept Pool spa is an experience that awakens and delights the senses. From the stylish design to the sculpted seating, every detail is intended to soothe the mind and body.


To get the best out of your spa or Hot Tub and for you to achieve the best results from your ownership, your spa needs to be serviced on an annual basis at the minimum. Our aim is to offer the best value for money spa maintenance packages to suit our clients needs in helping to maintain a clean reliable running spa system. We can in addition to the service give your Spa or Hot Tub a complete overhaul and clean, including flushing any biofilm and dirt out of the plumbing, refill with fresh water, balance and apply suitable sanitiser of your choice. Drain and fill includes: •Drain, clean, and fill hot tub •Test water for proper chemical balance •Add sanitizer (Bromine/Chlorine) •Clean filters •Vacuum •Clean sides and top cover •Check motors and fittings for leaks