When architects need a swimming pool contractor right on their building project’s doorstep…

Ever had this challenge? When you have a building project in a different area and need to source contractors local to the site?


What happens when you are an architect and interior designer based in one place, and would like to make use of contractors for your projects near to your building project location that may be further afield?

And, in particular, how do you find the right established and professional swimming pool company?


Concept Pools is based in Yorkshire, northern England, but we work on sites UK-wide.

However, you may find it very useful to have a swimming pool contractor near to your building site. You’ll find exceptional craftsmanship within our expert team, specialising in the architectural design, installation and maintenance of all types of swimming pools, spas, saunas and wet leisure facilities for both private and commercial clients.




One of Concept owner Dean Thistleton’s proudest achievements, to which he dedicated two years of his life, was the delivery of the pools for the 2012 Olympics at the London Aquatics Centre – hailed as the most technologically advanced and stunning swimming facility of its type.

As an architect wanting to deliver the best quality for your client, you’ll enjoy the dependable quality of this northern powerhouse pool company and accredited contractor, right on your project’s doorstep.


2012 Olympic swimming pool – Dean Thistleton


2012 Olympic swimming pool plant room – Dean Thistleton


We are keen followers of swimming pool trends, and love nothing more than collaborating on the design and build of a new pool – we work with an architect’s inspiration and plan, and are also more than happy to contribute to any design ideas, challenges and solutions that help in contributing to create outstanding, luxurious, state-of-the-art pools with grand results!

This goes for private residential, as well as commercial pools, with one of our latest swimming pools being this indoor-outdoor swim spa for a fitness club.



A swimming pool offers personal leisure while enhancing your home’s outdoor and indoor living space. A well-designed pool can also provide a significant boost in the value of your home.

You want a pool design with features that fit your unique lifestyle. Your pool should be an oasis for you, your family and friends, for enriching your wellbeing. For those who like to swim for fitness, a lap pool shape is also an option.

So, which custom design features should you consider for your home’s state-of-the-art pool? Here are some pointers from a leading publication:


Innovative Lighting and Smart Features

Smart home technology continues to make a splash in the world of luxury pools. Home automation features like this allow you to control pool lighting, set the temperature of your pool and hot tub while you’re away, having the right mood, ambience, and comfort level at the ready!

Technology functions are also making it easier to maintain pools. Automated systems work to better control the filtering and cleaning of your pool. These features are also better for the environment as they help to reduce energy costs. Speak to us about your smart pool desires.


Built-In Bars and Sun Shelves

A swim-up bar is another trending feature in modern pool design. These get seen in many luxury resorts around the world. Now, this design staple offers a way for homeowners to enhance their outdoor living areas.

Built-in bars make it easy for guests to grab a cocktail without having to get out of the water. They also offer convenient seating using a built-in ledge, bench, or individual stools. Swim-up bars can get placed right next to a sunk-in kitchen for easy access to food and drinks.


Other homeowners are opting for the addition of a shallow depth design feature. This allows you to place lounge chairs right in the water using a sun shelf. It makes it easier to get in and out of the pool and offer a great spot for sunbathing.

Single depth pools are also a popular design trend. These are an alternative to having the pool range from shallow to deep waters. Single depth pools can also cost less for construction.


A Spa-Like Soaking Tub

Hot tubs are often always found in the design plans of luxurious pools. These soaking-style tubs are changing in their design characteristics.

Many soaking tubs are taking on a rim flow spa design. This keeps the hot tub on the same eye level as the pool and sundeck, creating a seamless design.

Hot tubs are also featuring more efficient and well-designed spillway styles. Jets and bubbler features remain a popular choice to create a relaxing experience.



Colours and Shapes That Add Contrast 

Luxury home pools are also changing in their shape and interior colour preference. Interior finishes used to only get seen in a few standard colours, like bright neutrals. Now designers are experimenting with different finishes to create a more custom look.

Pools are turning towards colours that mimic the reflective properties of the ocean. This includes darker colours like black or French grey. These finishes create a more intimate mood and modern vibe for swimming pools.

Darker colours will also help keep your pool temperature warmer. This is a result of the sun getting attracted to darker colours and retaining its heat better.



Pools are also showing up in more defined shapes, like circles, rectangles, or squares. These are replacing the traditional freeform pool designs that we’ve seen for so many years.

Smaller sized pools are also trending for homes with limited backyard space. These are the perfect size for lounging, and they also help enhance a small backyard’s aesthetic.



Detailed Design Finishes 

Trending pool decor ideas also relate to small design finishes like high-end pavers. These get used for sundecks and lounge areas that blend well with the pool area and the rest of the home.

Designers are also playing with different patterns and textures for a unique look. As well as using floating steps and creating a few different levels for pool deck heights.

Firepits in or right near the edge of the pool are another top design consideration. Some of these are also incorporating water fountain features within the firepit.  This works to further combine the elements to add more character to the pool’s design.



These are just some of the swimming pool trends that property owners (whether private or commercial), architects, pool designers and contractors are creating.

Do you have your own pool design idea? Let’s connect and imagine your own grand design!


And, if you are an architect looking for a quality swimming pool company either local to your project, or nationwide, let’s get in touch.

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