About Us


Are you looking for a professional swimming pool company to design and maintain your wet leisure facilities? If the answer is yes, welcome to Concept pools. There is a reason we chose the name Concept pools as our business name because we believe that every pool is a concept, every pool is different in its own unique way and so are all clients. We believe that face to face consultations for either for new swimming pool projects or service & maintenance projects is key to understanding the requirements of each client. We are very proud of our offices and factory and encourage all our clients to come and meet us in our very own unique pool lounge where we hold our consultations in a relaxed environment. Here you will also have access to our show model pool where we can demonstrate new technologies and educate customers on upgrades and critical design features that can be incorporated in to a new pool design. Pools are our passion and we love helping existing pools survive with the help of our service & maintenance team and bringing new pools in to the world with the help of our design & installation team. 

Working at the fore font of Private & Commercial wet leisure industry. Concept Pools has gained advanced experience and expertise in the bespoke design, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance to all types of swimming pools. Tailor- suiting packages and specific custom requirements to establish conceptual cutting edge designs that are tried and trusted throughout our client portfolio. With a wealth of experience within our company you rest assured that you are in the hands of the professionals. Please don't hesitate to get in touch about any of our products and services.

The Team 

Dean Thistleton CEO

I am the Founder and CEO of Concept Pools Group. Within our successful group structure, we have Concept Pools, The Swimming Pool Shop, Tanqua by Concept Container Pools and The Swim Club. I have actively worked within the wet leisure industry for over 21 years. Over this time, I have worked for many famous faces within the world of film and sport, designing and installing their leisure facilities, I have also been responsible for delivering some of the largest pool projects in the UK. One of my proudest achievements was the delivery of the Olympic pools for London 2012. I dedicated 2 years of my life to contributing what turned out to be one of the best ever Olympics.

I decided to use all my knowledge and expertise to build a pool company that reflected this experience. I founded Concept Pools in 2011. The company has grown exponentially year on year since its inauguration. In this time, I have handpicked a team of professionals with excellent knowledge and expertise, all of whom have a minimum of 10 years’ experience with in the wet leisure industry. They are all here to help you as the customer. The best compliment I can pay these guys is that it very rare that I need to get involved in there today to today decision making and they each look after their own department with minimum input from me. The true testament to this is the hundreds of happy clients we have with an excellent retention.

On a personal level I want to leave a legacy behind that I have helped and contributed to designing and installation of various types of swimming pools to help everyone gain an important life skill in learning to swim in safe bathing conditions all around the world.

Andy Thistleton Head of Service/Maintenance

I started my career in the wet leisure industry over 15 years ago as an installation engineer onsite installing Olympic size commercial swimming pool filtration systems. With years of service I gradually moved my way up the ranks onto a senior installation role, which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot within our industry. From this I moved into Commercial Diving role installing and building movable floors and booms, servicing and looking after these installations the wet diving came into place. The Fish they used to call me!

Whilst working in the wet leisure industry all over the UK and Ireland I progressed through the ranks gaining valuable knowledge into a primarily office-based project manager role, working alongside the UK leading consults. With all my working knowledge I had gained over the years it lent me to have very good understanding skill set in project management and procurement in managing new high value projects from start to finish throughout the UK. Today I am enjoying my role as head of service/maintenance both me and my team of engineers ongoing pursuit in a tentative close relationship with our client base. We provide a quality service to swimming pool and wellness plant operating equipment including all aspects of filtration, ultraviolet disinfectant units, and pool water Analysers systems. Which in-turn results in Remedial Service works to keep filtration plant running optimally throughout the year to achieve the best water quality possible for bathers.

Adam Moffatt Head of Sales

I am pleased and proud to say that I am Head of Sales here at Concept Pools. I have worked within the wet leisure industry for 11 years. I have a strong chemical back ground within the swimming pool industry having worked for the largest chemical distributors in the world for a number of years. Since joining Concept Pools and I have gained an excellent knowledge and understanding of the design/build & service and maintenance of all types of swimming pools, spas, sauna and steam rooms. I am see myself as a leader and a very hard working individual who will do always do what he can to help others gain solutions. I enjoy meeting and listening to people with a view to understanding there requirements so in turn we can provide a seamless hassle-free service. Once you have met me you will feel you have known me forever. I have many clients that now class me as a friend. I think this is the biggest compliment that I and others have to say about me. I look forward to meeting you sometime.

Dave Nightingale Head of New Build Projects

I manage all aspects of new build projects for both the commercial and domestic clients. I been working within the wet leisure industry for 30 years. In this time, I have worked and manged some of the biggest projects in the UK giving me vital experience and expertise with all aspects of swimming pools, spa pools and wet rooms. Some of my previous projects have been Ponds forge in Sheffield, the common wealth pool in Manchester, The Bath spa project and domestically some very notable clients. Even now in my prime years I’m a firm believer in you never stop learning and with advances in technology we strive to implement this in all our designs and installations for the benefit of each client. I am a bucket full of knowledge and anyone who meets me will feel the benefits of being around me as I am happy to help and educate anyone on swimming pools, spa pools, saunas and steam rooms. Me and my team of experienced engineers are here to install all projects to a very hi standard and I hope we get the chance to show case our skills sometime soon.

Adam Thorp Head of Finance

I am responsible for the Finances at all companies within the Concept Pools group. Managing Cash flow is the main aim of my game and my responsibilities range from Invoicing clients to paying suppliers, paying the wages, budgeting and all other bits in-between.

I have worked in Finance for 13 years and I enjoy the challenge of overseeing the financial side of things for multiple companies. Compared to the guys in our team if you’re a client you won’t want to see emails from me as that means I am probably sending you an invoice and on the flip side if you’re a supplier you’ll be happy as I’m probably sending you a remittance for payment. Either way I am very easy and approachable person to speak to and I am always happy to help you in any situation.

Please feel free to browse through our website and if you require any assistance please don't hesitate to give us a call or alternatively drop us an email through our contact form and one of the team will get back to you.