Private Pool Refurbishments

Repairs & Replacements

Over time the condition of your pool will deteriorate and eventually replacements and repairs will need to be made. Refurbishments can be anything, from replacing a few tiles to re-tiling the whole pool; repairing cracks to changing the sand in your filters. If you don’t work fast then things can quickly become a burden to you and also your wallet. In particular, old pools that use outdated technology can become very costly.

Roman Ruin Brought Back To Life

Bringing a beautiful domestic swimming pool back to life. As you can see from the before pictures, we began this project with a leaky green pool that was lined with a PVC liner and had seen better days. We dug out the old roman end to make the pool longer and built as new concrete pool with in the old pool opening. The concrete shell was then fully insulated. The pool was then applied with render and screed before tiling. What a beautiful pool this project turned out to be. Great colour choice from the client.

Energy saving & upgrades. The existing pipework and plantroom received a much needed upgrade. As part of that upgrade the customer also opted for an increasingly popular item at the moment, energy saving air source heat pumps. They’re a fantastic way to save money without compromising on heating performance. Couple that with an automatic slatted cover and a winter debris cover and the savings are now paying dividends.

Experienced Experts

Our team of experts have over 50+ combined years of experience to call upon to help you decide which changes will improve your pool. Remember, the smallest of changes to your pool can make the biggest difference. Get in touch with us today and we’ll make your pool feel like brand new in no time!