Commercial Pool Refurbishments

 The Perfect Solution For Your Pool Refurbishment 


Swimming pool problems can be a big headache and are not something you want to face more than once. Our pool-relining epoxy membrane lining system offers a permanent and low-maintenance solution to all tank problems and can be applied to any surface in both indoor and outdoor pools. Alongside reliable waterproofing, pool relining offers a range of significant benefits:

  • Continuous membrane
  • Hygienic – will not support bacterial growth
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and swimming pool chemicals
  • Reinforced-based laminate that will endure thermal shock

Our swimming pool refurbishment services are ideal for anyone who wants to repair their current pool or even if you are looking for a redesign. We have a team of experts on what will be the most cost-effective solution for your situation. Our unique epoxy membrane lining system offers a permanent and low-maintenance solution to all tank problems and can be applied to any surface in both indoor and outdoor pools. Swimming pool relining is important in order to ensure the safety of your customers. Repair work is a great way to avoid incurring those larger more costly problems that could close your pool down for a period of time. Our pool refurbishment service and maintenance offers reliable pool relining services to commercial and private customers so that you can keep your pool in top condition all year round. Your pool’s lining is important as it forms a barrier between the wall of the pool and the water inside of it. Many inground pools have tiled walls that eliminate the need for a liner. Pools that feature a vinyl pool liner also have a layer of foam cushioning that forms a buffer between the liner and the pool wall. Your pool liner is subject to a significant amount of wear and tear, so it is important to keep an eye out for potential issues. Some signs that your pool liner may need to be replaced are:

Fading – If you notice that the colour of your pool liner has faded it may be time to think about replacing it. If your pool is outdoors, it may be subject to sun damage which can speed up the fading process and can make your pool liner more volatile causing punctures and breaks.

Wrinkling – A wrinkled liner is a classic sign that your swimming pool’s chemistry has not been maintained. Wrinkling is not only unsightly but can be a sign your liner has become brittle and is therefore only a matter of time before a tear or rip.

Leaking – Some water loss is normal as it can be caused by customers splashing around or simply by evaporation. However, if you notice a significant amount of water loss you may have a puncture in the pool liner. Depending on the size of your pool and the tear you may need a complete replacement.

This comes with a 10-year warranty – given the correct maintenance regime is carried out etc (details on quote acceptance)


So why Defender? Exceptional water filtration along with significant water and energy savings compared to traditional sand filtration. Defender regenerative media filters maximize performance, efficiency and user friendliness while helping reduce environmental footprint – an outcome good for the planet. The ability to remove particles as small as one micron provides the clearest, cleanest, and safest aquatics environment possible. And if that’s not enough, facility operators can achieve significant savings up to the following in several key areas: Water 90%, Space 75%, Energy 50%, and Chemicals 30%.