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Enjoy our collection of swimming pool inspiration – from our own builds, to amazing design ideas from around the world.

Create your vision of your dream pool, from your own personal private pool, to large-scale commercial pools.


Athelis The scope of our works here included quite a number of tasks. We were asked to install two level deck pools, one indoor and one outdoor, an outdoor spa and a wellness pool. Along with the design and installation of both pools, the plant rooms and any electrical equipment necessary to keep things running [...]

Old Braestead

OLD BRAESTEAD Our task was to design and install a 10m x 5m swimming pool. The type of this pool is also known as a skimmer pool. This essentially means that there is a gap between the top of the pool and the water surface. You'd commonly see this type of pool in a leisure [...]


Luttrell The scope of our work involved designing and installing a 14m indoor pool with an integrated spa. Our work included the construction of pool and spa shells, screed, render, tanking, tiling and filtration systems. This style of pool is referred to as, a level deck pool and is actually one of the most popular [...]


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