Exciting Times

Exciting Times

Exciting Times

**Company Update**

We haven’t updated in a while so firstly all staff at Concept Pools hope all our followers have had a great end to the summer with your family and friends.
Our teams have been extremely busy domestically, commercially and online throughout the summer.
As we continue to support our existing customers with maintenance on their swimming pools, hot tubs and wet rooms we have introduced many new customers to our service which has been very exciting. Big name suppliers have also joined the Concept Pools Family as they see the rise of Concept Pools online shop reach the number 1 spot at the top of Google for swimming pool supplies in the UK.

Going into the winter months our new pool build teams will be starting 3 new pool builds at gyms across the country and 2 very different kinds of pools for 2 big name contractors which we cannot wait to begin.

Our service & maintenance team will be taking care of our private and domestic customers throughout the winter maintaining their pools and making sure every need is met.

Our online shop continues to grow and we have a further one thousand products online since our last update for the customer’s convenience saving you the hassle of leaving your home.

And lastly a few months ago you may remember Concept Pools were happy to announce Concept Container Pools. Stay tuned for updates as we look forward to installing the first of 3 orders of our brand new Concept Container Pools soon.

Concept Pools #trusttheshark www.concept-pools.co.uk

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